maandag 13 januari 2014

Sun, beach and palmtrees

Oh wow, how I'm dreaming about summer again. It's Winter, I know, and I'm enjoying every day of it. But the sun in my hair, the glow on my skin, it just makes me dream about a summerday on the beach.

I know it's not for everyone, being in a foreign country on a wonderful beach, tanning. But it might not even be for me either. I wish I could go to all the cities in the world, watching the sunset every day on a different place. I know I can't, because let's realize it; we all have to work our asses off to get there! We have to work and be totally stressed out if we want our vacation we dreamt of for the past 2 years.
There must be something wrong, isn't it? We're built to go places, to travel and to be around the world 24/7. Ages ago, people didn't stay on one place, being sure that they still have their jobs at the end of every day, that their wife/husband will be still theirs and if you bring home enough money, the chances that their wife or husband will stay increases with, what, 30% maybe?

Society made us who we are today, just victims of politics, economics, people. Not being able to travel to anywhere we want, being happy with anything we want. Not being able to have everything there is.
I just want to be happy, to be honest. And even that's too much to ask for.
Last year, I didn't have a job, or a boyfriend. I had friends, fun, no money for expensive things but still a good time! Now, I seem to have it all, but I'm actually quite unhappy. Material things don't seem to make people happy. Real things are; love, friendship, trust. Don't get me wrong though, we all love material things, but it doesn't have to possess us.
Let's just all find peace, inner peace, at least. And let that be my resolution for the next year!


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