woensdag 2 april 2014

Wednesday's Outfit: Emmy rossum's sweetness

This is the outfit that makes me want to run to the nearest candy store and just buy it all! She looks so adorable! Emmy went out in Los Angeles looking like an angel in Tanya Taylor's striped sweater, wearing a Ralph Lauren bag and a Rebecca Taylor lace skirt!Look how cool it is that it's a bit seen-through.
I'm totally in love with the bag, though! It looks a bit like the Cèline bag. I would personally, prefer a bit more cat-eyed sunglasses instead of those. But that's my opinion of course..
Pay attention to how she makes it even more girly by wearing floral-printed ballerina's.
I can't take all this sweetness, it gives me an instant summer vibe and I don't know if I'm ready yet! But I would totally wear it if it were in my closet. Pastels are such a go-go this summer and I will follow this trend for sure! There's no doubt about it, I just like the fact that I look sweet. Now we have to find a matching perfume. Maybe I'll tell you in my next blog post? What do you guys think about this outfit?
See you all later!!

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