zondag 16 december 2012

Black Nail Polish?

Black Nail Polish
Black nail polish, we used to love them. But then everyone started to varnish their nails in black.
Nowadays it's not just about having black nails, it's a statement or an upgrade to our outfit.
My style is more Rock'n'Roll/Girly. I don't know exactly how to describe it, but I love black outfits with a pastel touch, I adore black nailpolish!
Now how do you combine black nailpolish without looking trashy?
1- Combine it with a blazer.
2- Chic and Rock'n'Roll match! So combine your satin or leather materials with black nails!
3- Add something fierce to your outfit (think about the galaxy legging or gold)
Here are a few outfits you guys might like to wear with your fresh painted black nails:
Black Nail Polish Combine
These leggings and the metallic in her sweater make this look edgy though fun and still classy. You can perfectly add black nailpolish with this outfit.
This look is great to go to school, or go to a fashion show, though I wouldn't wear it to go to work. This outfit might be better for that:

Black Nail Polish Combine 1
This look is great to go to work, also for a fashion show. The touch of leather gives this look and upgrade.

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  1. Great ideas and great blog dear. keep up the fantastic work!!


  2. Lovely post and good advice! We should follow each other :)

    xx Grace


  3. Beautiful! :)