maandag 3 december 2012

The Most Iconic Handbag Ever!



This must be thmost iconic bag ever since Audrey Hepburn started to wear this Louis Vuitton piece of art almost everyday.
This bag comes in a few sizes:
25cm, 30 cm and 35cm.
I prefer the 30cm because it’s perfect to pack your daily essentials.
And when you don’t like the monogram canvas, there are also other prints available in every size!
Some people I know don’t like the fact that this bag has a million fake versions and to be honest, I wouldn’t like it either to walk around with a real designer bag, while others spend €50 on it and it looks almost exactly the same.
A real designer bag isn’t the same as a fake one, believe me. And you can personalize a real Louis Vuitton bag, for example with your initials. And it isn’t that expensive to buy a real one, the prices start +/- around €500. So it’s affordable if you really want one that lasts forever. Because the real ones ARE forever, if your Vuitton needs to be repaired, the brand has an excellent service other brands should be jealous of!
This was my first post, and I wanted it to be about the most iconic purse ever. And for me, it’s the Speedy. I love many other handbags, but this was the first one on my wishlist.
And of course I wanted to share this with you.
Start making that wishlist for Christmas and with a little luck, this might just be under your Christmas tree this year!

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  1. Cant go wrong with LV!

    Thanks for connecting on IFB! following you on Bloglovin :)

    Jess xo

  2. That's right, and especially not with the Speedy bag.
    You're welcome and I followed you back on Bloglovin ;-)!