vrijdag 7 december 2012

Tommy Hilfiger Snow Chic Collection

Tommy Hilfiger Limited Edition Winter
In this new Limited Edition Snow Chic-Collection of Tommy Hilfiger you find coats in flashy colours, sweaters with Flair Isle patterns, printed pants and fabulous evening clothing. But also a lot of interior accessories such as candles, plaids and pillows.
To celebrate the release of this new collection, Tommy Hilfiger himself made “Tommy’s Guide To Snow Chic“, filled with his favourite ski destinations, restaurants, hotels and a playlist with music for the holidays.
You can find the Tommy Hilfiger Snow Chic-collection in the Tommy Hilfiger stores and on the webshop!
Happy Holidays!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. like these sweaters!


  2. They're great, right? I think we all need one of those at this time of the year :D.