dinsdag 4 december 2012

Hello Sophia Webster


Welcome To The Dollhouse

Sophia Webster, a new face in the spotlight, but not in the industry of fashion!
Her first collection is the Spring-Summer collection of 2013 called "Welcome To The Dollhouse".
Sophia was originally an art student but then graduated at Cordwainers College (the same college where Jimmy Choo graduated) and then she worked as an assistant of Nicholas Kirkwood.
She became more famous in the fashion industry and now is ready to introduce her first collection.
She found her inspiration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She was so inspired by the colours they use in Brazil and how colorful the houses are, that she used it in her collection.
Even at places where people live in extreme poverty, they are still happy and people make everything colorful and she wanted people to feel the courage and happiness through her collection.
The shoes are a mix of design and total choas. Her number one celebrity fan is Chloe Moretz and her collection will be sold by Saks, Colette, Net-A-Porter, Bergdorf and Neiman.
Welcome in the spotlight of our fashion industry, Sophia! This dollhouse will soon turn into a mansion.

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